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Hansel and Gretel: Part 1

Hansel and Gretel: Part 1

You know how most siblings don’t exactly get along with each other at first, and they constantly feud with each other to the point where their parents have to ground them until the reconcile? That was the case for me and my brother Harry for a while. We had our differences, as all siblings do. Harry was interested in sports, exercise and human anatomy, I was interested in drawing, painting, and photography. It seemed like we didn’t have anything in common and we avoided our parents’ attempts to bond. However, when our mother was killed in a car accident when we were young, and our lives changed forever. Our father, the owner of a hardware store, faced a lot of financial and emotional difficulties without her. We were the only family he had left and couldn’t stand to see us apart. Sometimes, he went to bed crying which was a heartbreaking sight for both of us.

While we disagreed on a lot of things, Harry and I knew that we needed to find a middle ground we were going to move on with our lives. One night, when our father was at work, we decided to sit down with each other have a mature conversation with each other about why we refused to get along. It started to get tense and eventually we both admitted to each other that we were jealous of the other’s talents and abilities. The conversation began to get more emotional as we realized that we were wrong to treat each other so horribly. When Harry apologized for treating me horribly, I was more than happy to forgive him. I apologized too and we hugged each other so tight that we nearly squeezed each other to death. Our father walked in on us and almost broke down. The joy in his eyes was indescribable when we told him what happened. It was as if he had died and gone to heaven. Seeing his kids finally bonding and loving each other the way a brother and sister should was the equivalent of a Disney princess’ dreams finally coming true.

From that day forward, Harry and I became grew so close that we were almost magnetized to each other. Even at school, Harry didn’t care if high ranking members of the school food chain frowned upon the captain of the basketball team hanging out with his art geek sister. Even my friends didn’t understand why I hung out with my older, popular, brother all the time. Regardless of all the snickering, rumors, and bullying we got from everyone, we didn’t care. As we got older, Harry and I took some self-defense classes per our father’s request. We learned a lot of interesting moves and even practiced them on each other for fun. This started a fun, harmless, and “cute” rivalry between us (according to the friends who saw our self-defense photos on Facebook.) Our friends on social media saw us as role models on how siblings should treat each other. If we could put away a dollar every time someone retweeted a photo of us together, Harry and I would be able to pay off Christmas dinner. TWICE.