Hansel and Gretel: Part 3

“Can I help you?” the woman asked. Harry stepped forward and managed to say, “Please, our car broke down a couple miles down, my sister and I were trying to make our way home but we got lost. We’re looking for shelter until the storm clears up. Could we stay here for a while?” The woman looked at Harry with desire in her eyes for a moment. Then she smiled and said “Of course! Come on in.” I wanted to tell Harry what I was thinking but I was too cold. In between shivering, I managed to say “Thank… you.” as she let us in. She took our coats and had us sit by the fireplace. Something didn’t seem right. No one would ever allow strangers into their home that easily. Unless if they wanted us to come to them. But this woman didn’t even know us. Why would she want us in her home? While our strange host was preparing dinner, I turned to my brother and expressed my concerns. Harry thought about them for a minute and said, “Good point. But right now, we don’t have that much of a choice. Our situation outside’s worse than here, but if things start to go awry, we’re leaving.” We sat by the fireplace for another 15 minutes and then, the lady called us for dinner. She made lasagna with garlic bread which was very delicious. Throughout the meal though, she was eyeballing us like an owl, mostly Harry. I looked over towards Harry and he gave me a look that said “stay cool.” I nodded and kept eating.

After we finished, we noticed that the storm had begun to clear up. Harry checked his phone and told me he got texts from Dad asking us where we were (and over 100 Facebook and Twitter notifications). Harry excused himself, called Dad and told him what happened. 5 minutes later, he came back and told us that Dad was on his way. Then out of nowhere, the lady grabbed a knife, pinned me to the chair and held the knife to my neck. I was frozen with fear, and Harry stopped dead in his tracks. “What the hell are you doing?” He demanded. “You either agree to stay with me, or I kill your sister.” the lady snarled with her creepy smile and lust in her eyes. “Harry! Don’t listen to her!” I screamed with tears in my eyes. The lady pressed the knife. “Shut up, you little brat! When I’m done with you, your father’s next.” “Ok….I’ll stay.” Harry said. “But there’s one, small, problem.” The lady looked at him with confusion. “You threatened my sister! Mary, NOW!” I grabbed some mace out of my pocket, and sprayed it in her face. The lady screamed, dropped the knife, and I struck her in the face with my palm, breaking her nose and knocking her out. We called the police and 15 minutes later, the lady was arrested. Our father showed up afterwards and took us straight home. Harry and I agreed not to post it on social media or mention a word of it to anyone, even our closest friends. Harry and I went to therapy for a few months to help cope with the experience and eventually, we got over it. We were brother and sister and they always look out for each other.



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